It’s ok! Play with your food

The end of summer is near–Alec returned to college in Chicago this week.

For those of you not from the midwest, a drive through Wisconsin creates the opportunity for comedic experiences. Such as the Mousehouse Cheesehouse that has a giant rat/cheese wheel on it. Interesting enough, this is not the ONLY giant rat/cheese “sculpture” found on the I94 route.

Beer, Cheese, Gifts and Fudge were advertised. None were purchased. This is Wisconsin. They’re serious about cheese. They also sell beer everywhere. I am unclear how fudge got involved except that after beer and cheese obviously one needs fudge to cleanse the palate. We stopped to snap a pic with the rat.

It got me thinking about how much fun we have in our house with food–trying new recipes or restaurants. So this post is a rather haphazard look at some of the experiments from the last few weeks (and hopefully distracts from my lack of actual recipe posts lately 😉).

What happens when you freeze watermelon cubes as mojito “ice”? Delicious drink for the lake

What happens when you puree an entire cucumber for a martini? Great flavor and color, not so great texture 😉

Challenge day: Can you make a breakfast baked good with a half eaten container of yogurt and a random amount of blueberries and no eggs because you haven’t done the grocery shopping at the lake yet? Oh-yes-you-can lemon-blueberry muffins. Could you repeat it because you wrote any of it down or measured? Oh no.

Favorite new food toy: the Jaguar of zoodlers (“leased” from my sister). Alec and I also laughed while doing this, it’s like the old Play-Dough toys.

I need another drink after all of that creativity! But a perfect reminder to stop and smell the roses (jasmine). It goes fast.

Actual recipes forthcoming now that Alec isn’t here to distract me.

9 thoughts on “It’s ok! Play with your food

    1. I was skeptical too. But then I tried them. A great substitute for pasta. (Here in ‘merica we need ways to get refined white flour out of our diets!!)

      I usually buy them pre-spiralized, which is expensive. Since I adhere to Alton Brown’s rule of not buying single function kitchen gadgets I haven’t yet bought one. Thankfully my sister doesn’t adhere to this rule 😉

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      1. What’s wrong with wholemeal pasta? Dried white pasta just seems to me like the epitome of bland, industrial food, and I really don’t get why it’s so popular, let alone why one would want a substitute for it. I dunno Kris, I can’t see me going the spiralizer route, moribund old Luddite that I am.

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      2. We like whole wheat pasta in the more unusual shapes. But not in noodles—spaghetti looks too much like earthworms. And remember our house eats lots and lots and lots! So it’s usually not one or the other but BOTH.

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      3. I have the cheap green and white spiralizer from Amazon and I use it all the time. Courgettes have become a staple for us because of it. The texture becomes great for quick cooking and also for salads. I don’t think of it as a pasta substitute matter. It’s in a category of its own.

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