More than you want to know

Thanks to Mr. A of A Barbarian in Gentlemen’s Clothing for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am 100% certain he did it to make this middle-aged Midwestern American, er, uncomfortable. But I am pleased to do it because he makes me smile with his authentic style.

My answers to his fantastic and bold questions:

1. The goal is to love life, not to endure it. If you’re bound to repeat an endless cycle of your life, are there things you wouldn’t want to repeat for eternity? If there are, have you done anything to change them now? What are those things?

Living a real life Groundhog Day sounds awful! That said, I wouldn’t avoid the challenges I have had in my life, they make me who I am today. The one I work on most with my coach is being self-compassionate and acting grateful towards myself. Daily rituals are part of that habit.

2. Have you ever thought of doing something, but didn’t try to pursue it? Are you glad you didn’t pursue it? Tell us about it?

When I was finishing my undergraduate degree in journalism I considered law school. My dad strongly discouraged me (aka forbid). Two words: Thanks Dad! Bullet dodged. (Ok, 4 words).

3. Is there someone out there that you follow with no question, even thou you know they’re wrong? Tell us who and why do you follow?

Well, any friend or colleague who has earned my trust will get my loyalty even if I disagree with the choice (and there’s always the outside possibility that I am wrong 😉).

4. Is there a thing you’ve been waiting to do? Why are you waiting? Are your concerns realistic?

I am getting ready to launch a new startup. I am finishing up another product launch for a client and expect 2020 to be clarity & focus on the new business. I am very grateful to the many friends who have been quietly encouraging me over the past 18 months of its development.

5. Tell us something that is you’re supposed to be committed to, but found yourself half-assing it? Why are you holding back? How can you give it everything you have?

Does occasionally eating Irish butter while vegan count as half-assing? I have 2 speeds: on/off. Half-ass doesn’t exist for me.

6. What is your ideal haircut for men that you find very irresistible?

Euro cut, long on top short on sides. Well groomed. Exception is men with curly hair–let it grow!!! Especially at the back when it curls up….like McDreamy:

7. How is your net worth? Are you still living from paycheck to paycheck?

Thankfully we’re in a good spot, but ask me again in 12 months (see question 4). Bootstrapping a business is definitely a challenge!

8. What is a guaranteed way to get a better night’s sleep?

Sleep alone by sending your husband on a Canadian fishing trip (Sorry honey). But just look at this muskie Av caught!

9. What are the red flags that you look out for in a romantic relationship?

We have been married 22 years (I’m 46). We’re wayyyyyy past red flags. Besides, he’s perfect 😇.

As our boys begin their dating life some advice and learning they’ve experienced is the trust factor of “self” vs “other” oriented. It can be difficult to spot early on, but invariably shows itself. At least in teenagers. I think adults can be incredibly sophisticated at hiding narcissistic tendencies. Red flag.

10. Is there anything that I have written that you consider poor or irresponsible? Is there a topic that I’ve written that you don’t agree on?

Hmmm…good question. Not that I can think of on either count. I’d tell you. Your Art of War posts are fantastic! And TMI Tuesday makes me smile. I ❤️ your fashion style!! Especially shoes!! I have perfect toes 😉

11. Now for the Mr. A being Mr. A question. If you don’t need a towel after sex, then you’re doing sex wrong – do you agree or disagree? You may choose not to answer, but if you do; tell us why?

Agree but disagree. To each their own.

And now my nominees…and food-related questions:

    1. You’re vegan (play along). What food do you occasionally “cheat” for?
    2. Favorite dinner guests. Real people you know.
    3. Favorite dinner guests. Famous. Dead or alive.
    4. Worst dinner party disaster. (Either as host or attendee).
    5. One thing you’ve changed about eating as you aged.
    6. Favorite summertime cocktail (bonus points for recipes!)
    7. Worst thing you ever ate out of politeness (ie Grandma’s Christmas ham)
    8. Best destination to visit for food.
    9. What one food best represents where you live? (Don’t forget to share your location!)
    10. The food you make when you need comforting.
    11. Food you once threw up (or cleaned up) that you can never eat again.
  • The Rules:

    Thank the blogger who nominated you.

    Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

    Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

    List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.

    Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.

    15 thoughts on “More than you want to know

    1. ‘Esme of Cloud fame (to balance Pink)’ – Because Esme doesn’t need it, you’re spot on, hahahaha, also I am the tin foil to his hat, or perhaps the foil to his cheek anyway.

      Thank you for the nomination Kris, how lovely of you, sunshine indeed. *nods*

      1. I don’t need to play, hurrah, and I only cheat at card games and sack racing.

      2. Hariod, Mr Pink, You Kris as it would be terribly dull not to have you after this, Bela, Swarn, John Z, mac, Peter Schrieber, Bill and Prof Taboo. (I may have forgotten someone important who shall hunt me down and poo on the lawn so apologies in advance and I’ll leave some loo roll on the gatepost)

      3. Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Robin Williams and the whole cast of American Horror Story Freak Show.

      4. In all honesty, every single one has been a roaring success. One involved a pear crumble that was stuffed with cannabis, but that’s hardly a disaster – lots of weeping but with laughter mind and some were wearing the crumble as a hat by the end I believe . . .

      5. To be cleverer and therefore kinder.

      6. Tia Maria, Jack Daniels, cocoa crushed ice and oat cream – It’s an Esme Clanger.

      7. Hmm. Long time ago . . . dumplings. Bloody horrible.

      8. Barcelona

      9. Vegan Marshmallows – The Cloud

      10. Big fat doorstops of very good, freshly made white bread toasted and slathered with olive oil spread and Kala Namak.

      11. Blue Bols and Popadoms. I can’t even look at either of them.

      I don’t send these things on and indeed I believe this is the first time I have ever answered any of the questions, but I am honoured all the same and thank you again heartily.

      – Esme of Cloud and fat toast fame

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahahahahahaha. This is closer to the truth than you know, for at one time my profession was a seamstress making clothes for folks who like to do re-enactments, and some were most definitely dressed in the Tudor age!

          – Esme Cloud

          Liked by 2 people

        2. In the Urban Dictionary it says . . .

          ‘Tudoring – The act of throwing garbage out of a window without looking.

          During Tudor period England populations of major urban centres of England, without access to modern drainage or sewer systems, would simply chuck detritus and excrement out of windows as a means of disposal. This was performed without a care for who was on the street at the time.

          This act in modern times harks back to the Tudor period and is thus known as Tudoring.
          “Is this a Tudoring household?”
          “Yeah, sure.”

          “I’m gonna’ Tudor my shit out the window!”

          “Fine, no problem.”

          Do feel free to edit out the shit Kris if you’d prefer to (I don’t mean everything Mr Pink says I mean the swear word)

          – Esme Cloud running faster than light

          Liked by 3 people

        3. This is quite true Kris.

          Hahahahaha. At least Hariod and Professor Taboo aren’t involved.


          – Esme Cloud laughing and promising to be good honest guv – *pushes a vegan iced finger to her by way of apology*

          Liked by 2 people

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