Summer’s first bite

I’ve been watching you

Grasshopper green becomes radiant red

On guard for competing squirrels 

What will become of you?
Salad’s tiara

Pasta’s punch

Frittata’s luscious lick

The tiny little beauty in BLT…

so many ideas
I cannot bear to think of you sentenced to ketchup or diced and trapped in a lightless can. 

Sure, I’ll be singing a different tune come January 

But now your beauty is singular and will be savored. 

Oops, all gone.

I will remember you fondly My little jewel, first bite of summer 

Spring cleaning 

The war on the bunnies begins again in our yard. I have more determination this year: There’s new landscaping at stake. 

I can accept being outfoxed by squirrels, but bunnies? That’s pathetic. I’m upping my arsenal and let’s just I have found one friend who admits cooking them in a crockpot. I truly would prefer a peace accord–Suggestions welcome!

The one positive is that this definitely signals an end to winter (fingers crossed!) These long months of cold and gray are hard on me, even with trips to Vegas and Kauai mixed in. I’m ready!

The changing seasons inspired me to purge some things from my life that were holding me back and the creativity is beginning to flow again.

Soon we’ll have more fresh produce to choose from and the few months of abundance to make that effortless. I’m planting more than a dozen herbs and drooling at the thought of herb-marinated tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. 

I’m going to try planting some French lavender for a blank spot in the landscaping, hoping the scent fills the new patio area. I’ll be buying it all at the Friends School plant sale at the State Fairgrounds, which truly is an experience (Think: Black Friday for plants; people with wagons getting competitive with their finds). 

My mom recently visited Leatherwood Vinegary and brought back a sample pack. The black currant is really nice–not too sweet and it’ll be great for salads, perhaps something with a grilled stone fruit and punchy goat cheese. I’m looking forward to some true “spring mix” to use it on. Who knew there was such a thing as a vinegar tincture expert? 

And for Easter dinner, I stretched my wings a bit to make this pink cake–dense chocolate with raspberry buttercream. The frosting was fantastic!! Skip the from-scratch chocolate cake and use a box mix, and take a lesson from winter: don’t give up on the frosting….keep beating it, eventually you will prevail. Ps Thanks to my niece for the cake “deco-raisins”.

To sunny days! And bunny-free gardens.