Holiday 2019

I have genuinely lost track of what day it is. That’s a good thing. I needed a bit of rest and indulgence, as I have been working hard.

It’s been lovely to have the boys home, have a bit of “weather” requiring us to hunker down together and enjoy quieter activities like reading and games. I have gotten quite good at building fires. Avery is cashed out in this one 😉

As usual, we also enjoyed time with family. This year I brought vegan items to share. I was pleased with the new recipes:

The fruit baked oatmeal:

Roasted tomato and avocado-pea bruschettas

The lox was pretty too but I can’t verify it’s tastiness 😉

By far the favorite was the pickled vegetables with white bean dip and pistachio-mint pesto.

Who knew pickling was so easy?! Well lots of people. I have never done it as I am intimidated by all those jars and the process. But you don’t actually have to do it that way, you can just do “quick pickling” in the fridge. I used glass storage containers. I am done buying pickles!!

It’s a great way to add some punch to winter vegetables that might otherwise be bland. The cauliflower turned a beautiful pink-purple from the currant vinegar (what I had on hand) and storing with the purple carrots. That was a fun surprise. (I will post recipes in the new year.)

I did some baking too but the chocolate-hazelnut vegan cookies were disappointing. Dry and not enough nut flavor, IMO. The lemon-tahini were fantastic though! (Not vegan). I gave those away and didn’t even snap a pic. Oops.

Anyhow… as one decade closes, and a new year brings with it new opportunities and adventures, I wish you peace, health and joy in 2020!

I am also finally getting the cards mailed… 😊

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