Travelogue: Omaha. Eating veg in beef country.

Yup, the glamour of a hockey mom, weekend trips to Omaha.

The magic of low expectations is that it’s really easy to exceed them. Honestly, 12 hours in the car through cornfields sounded wretched. Wind power accounts for 8% of energy used in Iowa, who knew?

But it was actually pretty fantastic. Which says a lot about how much food has changed. There are so many more options than just 20 years ago and it’s even possible to get a fresh salad at the gas station.

We discovered that Omaha is quite a charming downtown with old stone buildings and a solid art and food community. Very walkable.

We found a cute cafe for breakfast (Culprit Cafe) with awesome donuts and beignets. The orange chai white chocolate was a surprising combo. And steel cut oats with fruit set the day up right.

But the real wow’s of the trip we’re finding an awesome ramen shop (Jinya Ramen Bar. I did add a seasoned egg to my creamy vegan noodles, extra spicy)

And 2 new chains–Freshii juice bar and Even hotels, which offers exercise equipment in every room. I was skeptical but actually appreciated being able to sneak in 30 minutes of strength training in private.

And it was a lovely sunny fall day of almost 70 degrees. Not bad for a $200 weekend. Maybe Av will be a UN-O Maverick. I like the mascot, no BS πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Travelogue: Omaha. Eating veg in beef country.

  1. I loved my time in Omaha earlier this year….a great combo of family, friends, art and architecture…plus the Berkshire-Hathaway annual meeting. Will add your restaurants to my list for the next time I’m there.

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