Boys of summer 

The pool closes this weekend. I can’t believe summer’s over 😔

Swimming outside with my “boys of summer” is quite simply my favorite thing in the world (btw, strawberry blonde is courtesy of the pool). Our “team” has been together more than a decade now. I have been swimming in this pool for 30+ years. It’s home.

I’m struggling with the transition this year…I need to make a list of what I love about fall/winter:

  • Our 20th wedding anniversary in September (double duty since its also hub’s bday 😉)
  • Apple picking and apple tarts!
  • Pot roast
  • An excuse to carbo load, including spaghetti and meatballs 
  • Red wine 
  • A trip to somewhere fantastic (and warm)
  • Harvest moon
  • Those exceptional warm days that transition quickly to cool nights (no mosquitoes!)
  • Cuddling up with my Kindle and cats
  • Bonfires (aka melted chocolate)
  • Swim season 
  • Hockey season 
  • An excuse to be obnoxious. Did I mention hockey?

I need some encouragement…please share your love of winter (and summer if you so happen to be reading this in the Southern Hemisphere! Can I come visit, please? 😇)

6 thoughts on “Boys of summer 

  1. Hi KJ~
    Now I’m the opposite. I like all the seasons other than summer. I could make a list to break the internet. BTW, Fall’s two months away yet here. With the exception of rainy days, it’s over 100 F every day.
    In no particular order:
    NE Boiled Dinner
    Reciting amusing doggrel~ “Spring has sprung, Fall has fell, Winter’s here and it’s colder than usual”
    Ice skating.
    Making Holiday Breads
    Cactus walks
    Having an adventure on the Train with friends
    Playing Hockey, brushing my tooth after the game… 😀

    Now back in the “day” everyone had a “Victory Garden”. It was a holdover from the Great Wars, and it was an essential part of rural life. Some planted extra crops, others who had cooking talents make jams, jellies, preserves, and so on. After harvest, anything beyond what would get your family through the winter went to the Grange Hall around Thanksgiving and was distributed to those in the Village who needed them. Work parties were formed for roofing and gathering firewood. It was literally the best time of my life as far as feeling part of a community. I miss it deeply.

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