BLT chicken salad sandwiches (and thanks mom!)

My mom grew up on a dairy farm and learned resourcefulness from my grandmother, who was an incredible cook and seemed to be able to whip up something out of nothing. (I’m pretty sure always having cream and butter on hand helped!) 

During my childhood I remember end of week being a bit ragged in the fridge–not much left. The hopeful look from dad: are we going to have to go out? Mom saw that as a challenge–She’d always figure out how to put a meal together. Poor dad, Mom always won. (Side note: we took mom out for her birthday a couple weeks ago for breakfast. Dad ate 4 courses, topped off by wild rice ice cream with a butterscotch sauce. It was 9am. He’s still always hungry.)

I faced a similar end of week dilemma, several miscellaneous ingredients to use up. Not enough of any one thing to make it the star, but gosh darnit when you put a bunch of those things together in an unexpected way it can be pretty tasty! 

Plus I am super excited because it was plant sale day so I have a whole lotta herbs to go to now, and a bit of tarragon or any other fresh herb can make any plain jane dish better. Yea spring! And thanks mom for doing the herb shopping. Happy Mother’s Day! 😊

BLT chicken salad sandwiches 

  • 2cups shredded rotisserie chicken 
  • 3 pieces cooked bacon, chopped 
  • Handful of grape tomatoes, halved 
  • Handful of baby arugula 
  • 1/3c mayo
  • 1 tsp fresh tarragon
  • Squeeze of lemon juice if you’ve got it
  • Salt, pepper, dash of onion powder

Mix it all up and serve on buns.

Basil, oregano, mojito mint, thyme, lemon thyme, dill, parsley, sage, lavender, rosemary, succulents and 3 types of tomatoes ready to plant!

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