The beauty of place (eating local on Kauai)

Being in a new place always recharges my soul, and one that is as beautiful as Kauai is almost unparalleled. 10 days in paradise, can’t wait to go back (with the boys, I promise!)

Food highlights:

  • Hawaiian shave ice. (Yes, “shave” not “shaved” is correct.) To compare this to a snow cone is like calling a Lambourghini just a car. It’s light, ice snowflakes topped with exotic flavors like guava/passionfruit/mango, served over macadamia nut ice cream and drizzled with cream. Yum. 
  • Sashimi ahi. Just look at the color on that fish! 
  • Longboard beer, a refreshing nutty lager. Pairs surprisingly well with ahi. You can find it on the mainland.
  • Poke. Endless variety–the best we found was at Koloa Fish Market. Avocado (I’m forever spoiled by butter avocados from the farmer’s market), spicy ahi, chili pepper ahi and spicy shrimp were some of our favorites. 
  • Gorilla bowl, which was a poke bowl on steroids with ahi, ona and salmon, plus avocado, cucs, unagi, wasabi aioli. This is Kauai in a bowl!!!
  • Acai bowl, which is like a smoothie in a bowl topped with fruit, granola, yogurt and coconut. The idea is that the bowl slows down how fast you eat it 😇 I’m mixing this into the breakfast routine at home because it’s so nutritious and filling (even if I have to use frozen, not fresh, fruit). With a cup of Kauai-grown coffee of course!

We will go back…this is a place where “eating local” is delicious!

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