The art of cooking 

This post is dedicated to one of my newest followers–a man who has supported my food art for nearly 20 years now. In that time, I have grown tremendously. 

From the early years of picking out “fancy” recipes, which were usually (expensively) meh to the emotional meltdowns when I overzealously planned too complicated of a menu for dinner parties. He has simply smiled throughout (while opening another beer).

I’m far more confident and playful than I used to be. Mainly as a result of trial and error. Cooking is art after all, it’s fluid improvisation for me. Which is why I am not a very good baker–too much measuring!!
Doing the blog has forced me to be more disciplined, to write measurements and directions down, when normally I would say, “It’s easy, you just….” typically received by a blank stare.

I know not everyone likes to experiment, but for me cooking fuels my artist spirit. The act of creating energizes me, physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s an antidote for the blahs and a great way to redirect energy that more than once has given me the clarity to solve a problem.

Fuel for my soul!

I reflect on this today because I normally spend Sunday in the kitchen, prepping at least 2 meals for busy workweeks. It was a long day at an out of town swim meet, so I was thankful to come home to magical meatloaf.

There may have been some backseat driving as he finished getting it ready to go into the oven. But now that I have had time to reflect, I need to apologize for inhibiting another artist who’s always been supportive of me. In fact, He’s far more precise than I am…the complementary strengths will undoubtedly improve the recipe, and maybe some other stuff too. 😉

–Xxoo sweetheart! Dinner was great!!

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