Oysters on the Embarcadero

We just returned from a mother-son trip to San Francisco. Mostly we were looking at a few colleges, but it was also a chance to eat! 

It’s a joy to travel with Alec because he’s adventurous–I never have to search out “kid-friendly” menus, we just find the best places, including trying new foods like oysters. (“Mostly they taste like whatever you put on them,” was his summary.)
We ate our way through the Ferry Building. Highlights: the gruyere on the breakfast sandwich from Cowgirl Creamery, strawberry icecream from Humphrey Slocombe, mexican street corn from Gotts, cold press from Blue Bottle coffee, salami sandwich from Boccalone/Acme Bread. And of course eating oysters outside in one of the greatest cities in the world 😉

Some say the boys are spoiled. I think I’m the one who’s lucky.

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